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Amazing and helpful staff!
Amazing and helpful staff! I assumed that rehabilitation would be a waste of my time because there wasn't anyone that could understand me or my problems with substance dependency, which seems to be rather common amongst addicts. All treatment programs proved me wrong, however, and now I’m sober and happier than I’ve been in a long while. A lot of my housemates felt the same way after they first got into rehabilitation, however, because of recovery centers' counselors and personnel are addicts in recovery themselves, you fit in and are welcomed. I understand that they gave me back my life, and without them I'd probably be by myself on the streets, still using and pathetic.
, Chicago Oct 19, 2011

Supportive and friendly!
Supportive and friendly! Nothing seemed to work for me, but entering into a rehab center has helped me stay clean. I was ready to take back my family and my life with their top-notch rehabilitation facility. With their assistance, I'm now clean and sober, and I really feel cheerful!
, Chicago Oct 14, 2011

Very wonderful people!
Very wonderful people! When it involves the issue of addiction, everybody in most Treatment Centers Chicago - from the staff to the counselors - is so incredibly sympathetic and educated, and very professional. I really didn't want to enter rehab initially because I believed that everyone would be judgmental or cruel, but even my housemates were supportive and wanted to help me. Without them, I’m certain I'd be living on the street, or still caught in the self-damaging cycle of drugs. They don’t make you feel like a loser, or like you're nothing, but help you get clean and sober so you'll be able to love yourself again.
, Chicago Oct 19, 2011

Simply fantastic!
Simply fantastic! I really wanted to get assistance instantly. They helped me into rehab straight away! All the personal from each Chicago Drug Rehab Programs were prepared and they wait for me as soon as I called them.
, Chicago Sep 8, 2011

Fantastic houses and facilities!
Fantastic houses and facilities! I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and delightful the living facilities and rehab facilities are in various Drug Rehabilitation Chicago. Everything was awesome!
, Chicago Dec 28, 2011

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